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The Ultimate wallet is live on the App Store!

Posted on Nov 03, 2022 by Unstoppable Finance
The Ultimate wallet is live on the App Store!

Today we are proud to launch the Ultimate wallet on the Apple App Store! It’s a multi-chain, non-custodial wallet that brings DeFi investing and trading to the masses on mobile. Say goodbye to complexity, say hi to DeFi!

Why we built Ultimate

Billions of dollars of digital assets are traded, lent, and transacted on DeFi. This new financial service infrastructure is accessed via wallets, which play a similar role to the web browser of the early internet. Unfortunately, DeFi wallets are still too complex for mainstream users, limiting the ease of access.

“The pace of innovation that we’re witnessing in DeFi is astonishing, but using crypto wallets to discover and invest in the right products still poses a significant challenge especially for less tech-savvy users.”

Maximilian von Wallenberg-PachalyCo-founder and CEO of Unstoppable Finance

Ultimate is on a mission to enable everyday users to participate in the decentralized economy, by providing an intuitive mobile application for trading, high-yield savings, NFTs and other Web3 services. Critically, the Ultimate wallet does not take custody of user assets — users retain control of their private keys and can back them up in the cloud to protect against accidental loss.

View your tokens and NFTs, stake on Lido, invest in Friktion and follow the wallets of your favorite whale investors, all from a friendly mobile interface. Our vision is to become your one-stop shop for all things DeFi investing, trading and discovery.

We’re proud of our progress over the past year, but our journey is just beginning. Let’s look back at our major milestones and look forward to the challenges ahead!

Our journey this far:

Summer & fall 2021 — company formation & seed funding

Max, Peter, and Omid founded Unstoppable Finance GmbH in Berlin. Having built crypto trading at Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange, they believed strongly in DeFi but saw the lack of user-friendly self-custody investing platforms as a major barrier to entry. Unstoppable Finance was founded to bring the next wave of users into DeFi with an intuitive mobile wallet.

To get the ball rolling, the founders raised a €4.5m seed round from leading VCs Speedinvest, Inflection, Fabric, Rockaway and others.

Q4 2021 — Q2 2022 — first employees start building and integrating Solana protocols

With seed funding in place, it was time to begin hiring. First employee Sarah Hoffman would lead this effort, having worked with the founders in a similar role at Boerse Stuttgart and Solarisbank. The first engineers began building the initial version of the Ultimate wallet, while rockstar designer Louis started work on the first mobile screens.

The Solana blockchain was chosen as the first chain to integrate into our multi-chain wallet, giving users access to Solana’s low-fee, fast-execution DeFi ecosystem. With Ultimate serving as a de-facto curation layer for DeFi, we chose a few DeFi protocols to integrate into the initial version of the wallet: Orca and Raydium for trading, Lido for liquid staking, and Friktion Finance for automated option yield strategies.

July 2022 — Brand reveal, launching waitlist for private Beta

Our months of hard work were beginning to show, and the team was growing. While on a working vacation in Barcelona, we revealed the new brand for our “Ultimate” DeFi wallet, and opened a waitlist for early access to the app’s beta testing. With the help of a referral program for NFTs, our waitlist grew to over half a million signups globally!

Q2 & Q3 2022 — Series A & Public launch!

With an initial version of the product in-hand and a public release around the corner, we raised a €12.5m Series A fundraising round. It felt great to have top-notch VCs like Lightspeed believe in us, especially in the middle of a crypto bear market, and our fundraise got coverage from The Block, CoinDesk, Finance Forward and BTC Echo.

And now, the most significant milestone: going live on Apple’s AppStore!

Looking forward “this is just the beginning”

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made in our first 18 months, but there’s plenty more work to be done. Our team is working on launching on launching on Ethereum (L1 and L2), our Android app will soon go into beta and we will put a strong focus on creating an absolute industry leading trading experience on mobile. Many more things to come. But we won’t stop here. The Ultimate wallet is the base layer for our vision to bring DeFi to the masses and we are looking at a wide range of products that we can launch on top of this canvas to turn this vision into reality.

About Ultimate

Ultimate is the first product developed and launched by Berlin-based Unstoppable Finance. It’s a multi-chain, fully non-custodial wallet that makes the emerging world of decentralized financial services truly accessible to the masses. Say goodbye to complexity. Say hi to DeFi.

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