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Announcing our DeFi Super App Ultimate

Posted on Jul 07, 2022 by Unstoppable Finance
Announcing our DeFi Super App Ultimate

BERLIN, THURSDAY 7th JULY 2022: Today we announce the upcoming launch of our product Ultimate — a mobile app to give investors easy access to vetted and verified Decentralized Finance (DeFi) opportunities. Our vision is to build the ultimate “DeFi Co-Pilot”. We will shortly start with a close private beta for selected testers, with the public iOS launch planned in a few months. Initially for iOS, Ultimate will eventually also be released for Android.

The name Ultimate comes from our company’s popular slogan: “Programmable money is Ultimate money.” Indeed, today’s DeFi protocols facilitate the peer-to-peer transaction, trading, and lending of billions of dollars worth of digital assets. This new digital economy of financial services is accessed via wallets, which play a similar role to the web browser of the early internet. Unfortunately, DeFi wallets are still too complex for mainstream users, with the access layer having taken a backseat to the design of DeFi protocols themselves.

“The pace of innovation that we’re witnessing in DeFi is astonishing, but using crypto wallets to discover and invest in the right products still poses a significant challenge especially for less tech-savvy users”

Maximilian von Wallenberg-Pachaly, co-founder and CEO of Unstoppable Finance

At Unstoppable Finance we’re on a mission to enable everyday users to participate in the decentralized economy, by providing an intuitive mobile application for trading, high-yield savings, NFTs and other Web3 services. Critically, the Ultimate wallet will not take custody of users’ assets; users will retain control of their private keys but have the option to back them up in the cloud to protect against accidental loss.

“We firmly believe that DeFi wallets will be the super apps of tomorrow, giving users back control of their entire digital lives. In the long term, applications that previously were locked in silos, such as financial services, digital identity, login details, metaverse and so on, will merge into a unified digital ecosystem, and thus lead to new innovations.”

Unstoppable Finance CTO & co-founder Peter Grosskopf

Our three co-founders Peter Grosskopf (CTO), Maximilian von Wallenberg-Pachaly (CEO) and Omid Aladini (Director of Engineering) are already well-known as successful serial entrepreneurs, having previously worked together building the first regulated digital assets exchange in Germany — the Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange.

The first version of the wallet will run on the fast and low-fee Solana blockchain, with a subsequent Ethereum integration fulfilling the wallet’s multi-chain vision. But the underlying blockchains are just the rails to support the real stars of the show: DeFi protocols where users can put their assets to work, assisting to verify transactions and increase market efficiencies, in return for a steady yield on their crypto assets.

“We’re pushing the envelope when it comes to building a truly high performance wallet and making interaction with DeFi protocols incredibly simple. Speed and abstracting the complexity of interacting with the blockchain into a beautiful user layer is what drives us here at Ultimate.”

Omid Aladini, co-founder and Director of Engineering

Today’s DeFi users, however, struggle to determine which protocols present legitimate opportunities that are safe to use, and which ones to stay away from as they are built on non-sustainable economics with short-term incentive schemes. Our mission for Ultimate is to provide both a user-friendly experience as well as a curated set of protocols that the user can depend on; in essence Ultimate is building a co-pilot to navigate DeFi with confidence.

With the initial version of the wallet, users can interact with three protocols. The Orca exchange is used for trading. Lido Finance enables liquid staking, where users can earn 5% APR on their Solana tokens. Finally, users interested in higher yields can use Friktion Finance, a protocol that allows users to generate return via automated option trading strategies, currently yielding between 14–29% APY on a variety of Solana-based tokens. Over time more and more investment opportunities will be added to give investors a wide spectrum of opportunities to earn yield on crypto assets and stablecoins and swap assets on decentralized exchanges conveniently on the go.

About Ultimate

Ultimate is the first product developed and launched by Berlin-based Unstoppable Finance. It’s a multi-chain, fully non-custodial wallet that makes investing into this emerging world of financial services truly accessible to the masses. Say goodbye to complexity. Say hi to DeFi.

About Unstoppable Finance

Unstoppable Finance’s mission is to empower people around the world to access, interact with and unlock financial opportunities of the decentralized economy. With a team of technology, crypto and fintech specialists, we develop apps and services providing the bridge for mass market consumers to the world of DeFi.

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