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The Ultimate Crypto Wallet

A powerful self-custody wallet to buy & sell tokens and NFTs on Solana, Ethereum & Bitcoin.

4.8 on PlayStore

4.8 on AppStore

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Key features. See how we compare.

0% Fees


  • Track wallets

  • Portfolio Chart

  • List NFTs

  • dApp Browser

  • Candlestick Charts

0.85% Fees


  • Track wallets

  • Portfolio Chart

  • List NFTs

  • dApp Browser

  • Candlestick Charts

0.85% Fees


  • Track wallets

  • Portfolio Chart

  • List NFTs

  • dApp Browser

  • Candlestick Charts


Take control of your crypto

Beautifully optimised for mobile. DeFi, NFTs and more made delightful on the go.

  • Your Keys. Your Coins.

  • Buy, Send, Receive

  • Cloud Backup option

  • Push Notifications


Buy & sell tokens. Zero fees added.

Leave centralised exchanges, trade on DEXs. All for zero added swap fees.

Swap 10k+ Tokens

Best price
Zero Fees

Pro Charts


A powerful NFT experience

Browse and buy your favorite NFTs on any marketplace. View traits and rarities. Stay up to date on floor prices.

NFT Stats
Check NFT Prices

Track collection value

List your NFTs

Burn and hide spam


Your new favorite dApp browser

Explore the wide world of dApps and interact with any protocol on Ethereum, Solana and other networks.

  • Solana & Ethereum

  • Blazingly fast

  • Curated dApp List

  • Scam Protection


Solana, Ethereum & Bitcoin. All in one.

Experience multi-chain magic with Ultimate wallet.

Simplified transactions

Solana Pay, Saga & more

Import wallet
Import existing wallets

Create wallets
on any chain


Track any wallet

Watch any wallet. Track your crypto. Follow your favorite NFT collectors.

  • Track your wallets

  • Track NFT Collectors

  • Track your Ledger wallets

  • Copy other wallet strategies

Stay Safe. Stay Private.

No Emails. No Sign-Ups.

We don’t require any personally identifiable information of you.

Your keys on your device

You and only you have access to your keys. This is our priority #1.

Transaction Simulations

Know what’s going to happen to your wallet before you sign.

Scam Protection

We integrated to Blowfish to protect you against malicious transactions.

People love Ultimate




Just used the @UltimateApp and I can officially say that it’s the cleanest Trading & DeFi wallet I’ve experienced on SOL & ETH🔥

Tylersnow.sol MHC

Tylersnow.sol MHC


Just downloaded and created a wallet with @UltimateApp soooo easy and UI is amazing




Been taking a look into @UltimateApp and it's got some really handy use cases! So much so that it's slowly becoming my number 1 used SOL app.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to switch to Ultimate?

Ultimate is a self-custody wallet, meaning you can easily import your seed phrase from another wallet like MetaMask or Phantom. If you just want to try it out, you can track your wallet address without importing your seed phrase.

How are my private keys stored?

Ultimate derives for you a mnemonic seed phrase, which can be accessed in the wallet's settings. This is stored encrypted in your device secure enclave. You also have the option to back this up to your iCloud / Google Drive account in encrypted form. Ultimate does not have access to your seed phrase.

What are the fees on Ultimate?

Ultimate does not charge extra fees for swaps. Network “gas” fees apply.

Get Ultimate. Own your Crypto.

4.8 on PlayStore

4.8 on AppStore

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