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Who’s building ULTIMATE? Dev Pramoth - Product Manager

Posted on Sep 01, 2022 by Unstoppable Finance
Who’s building ULTIMATE? Dev Pramoth - Product Manager

With the launch of the ULTIMATE DeFi wallet around the corner, we’d like to highlight our star-studded team, and reveal the experiences that have shaped design decisions at Ultimate.

Dev Pramoth — Product Manager
Prev. Product Manager @ Ocean Protocol & TradeRepublic

What drives you as a product manager?
At the core of the product is the philosophy of making it fun to use. A lot of thought goes into every screen of the app, which we hope can be felt by the user. Design is our secret sauce, and will pay dividends over time. A lot of products don’t give design enough consideration early on, and then change it later. Between two wallets with the same features, our focus on design will help us stand out.

And previously you built crypto trading at TradeRepublic?
Since I came to TradeRepublic from Ocean Protocol, I was the loudest mouth saying “let’s do crypto trading”. There were only two other Product Managers when I joined. I was part of the UX team, so everything on iOS and Android, and I led a team of seven engineers and two designers.

How is building Ultimate different to building Trade Republic?
At TradeRepublic we first launched in Germany and France, but with Ultimate we get to think global. We launch to the world and then localize, saying “in Germany people want SEPA transfers, so let’s do that next.”

So user demand will shape our product?
We need to be open to user demand, but not get pulled away from our vision. We don’t want NFTs to pull us away too far away from DeFi, for example.

What’s your favorite feature on Ultimate?
The Earn tab will shine in the non-custodial context. Users get a dashboard for their money and can interact with DeFi protocols with two clicks. The DeFi world hasn’t seen anything like this before — we’re more than just a wallet, almost like a Dapp of sorts. I love that we have a simple, fun app that people can recommend to friends and family.

What features are you excited to build in the future?
It will be great to make Ultimate an app for everyday transactions, like supporting SEPA, Apple Pay, etc. You could put your salary into the Earn tab, or spend your DeFi earnings on Amazon. Once we close that loop, Ultimate really becomes a ‘finance’ app.

How will we scale the product management team?
While it’s fun to see the company grow, just because we raised a €12 million round doesn’t mean we should go crazy and double our team size — thankfully our founders have built companies before and we’re hiring at a good pace. The most important thing is to hire good people who can run on their own.

Are you looking forward to leading a big team again?
Leading teams is exciting, it’s about enabling people to do the best work that they’ve ever done. You have to go with the flow as you scale — experiment and find whatever structure works, just like we do with our product.

Are you one of the passionate coffee drinkers in the office?
Yeah, I guess I am. I’m not the biggest fan of a hard espresso, I drink more filter coffee and brew, which makes me unpopular in the office when everyone is gathered around the fancy coffee machines and contraptions…

Thanks Dev, for sharing your thoughts with us!

About Ultimate

Ultimate is the first product developed and launched by Berlin-based Unstoppable Finance. It’s a multi-chain, fully non-custodial wallet that makes the emerging world of decentralized financial services truly accessible to the masses. Say goodbye to complexity. Say hi to DeFi.

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