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Ultimate on Ethereum!

Posted on Mar 06, 2023 by Unstoppable Finance
Ultimate on Ethereum!

Ethereum, here we come! Today we are launching on Ethereum and couldn't be more excited. This is just the start: more features, more chains and more integrations are on the way.

The Solana blockchain was a great place for us to start building a fast and low-fee DeFi wallet for retail, but we’ve always had a multi-chain vision. Our new Ethereum integration is the first step toward offering trading & DeFi across a wide range of L1s and L2s.

Ethereum is the birthplace of DeFi: Ethereum’s blockchain is home to the majority of the DeFi market’s TVL, almost $100b of stablecoins, and earns tens of millions of dollars in transaction fees every month. A capable community of developers is empowered by the Ethereum Foundation to make real contributions to the ecosystem, and new Layer 2 solutions like Arbitrum and Optimism offer improved scalability. But even on well-established Ethereum, there are ways to substantially improve the wallet, trading, and DeFi experience. 

With our new release, you can create a wallet, watch any Ethereum address or ENS domain, swap via 0x, and enjoy a charting experience that is radically better than other wallets. It’s time to leave your centralized exchange behind and start trading directly from your wallet. 

About Ultimate

Ultimate is the first product developed and launched by Berlin-based Unstoppable Finance. It’s a multi-chain, fully non-custodial wallet that makes the world of decentralized finance truly accessible to the masses. Say goodbye to complexity, say hi to DeFi.

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